Framar Salon offers bridal packages to help make your special day memorable. Complete your look with hair and make-up offered by our award winning team. 

To make the day more relaxing, we provide the following for you and your bridal party (minimum of 5 people):

  • Fresh Coffee
  • Champagne and Orange Juice
  • Chilled Water
  • Your choice of fresh fruit or biscotti



Upon consultation with your stylist, you will be given a guaranteed estimate of how much your service will cost. This will be determined by the amount of work needed to create your desired look.

The following may be used as a guideline:

Bridal Up do:

Bridal Party:
1 Step up-do:

2 Step up-do:

Starting at $100 with no headpiece, $120 with headpiece.
Set and Style finish, starting at $85
Starting at $60 (Client comes with hair prepared and stylist puts hair into desired shape).
Starting at $70 (Stylist setting the hair in rollers or blow drying hair first, then shaping hair into desired shape).
Bridal make-up from $110, bridal party make up from $85 per person.



Framar Salon offers pre-wedding day trials for the Bride at 50% of the wedding day price. The purpose of this visit is to give you a good idea and feeling for how your hair will look on your special day. This is a service we highly recommend. Our focus in the pre-trail is on shape, location of headpiece and style. In addition, we provide this service for bridal make-up also at 50% of the Wedding day price.


  • There will be a 50% premium added for "extra early starts" (salon opening more then 1 hour earlier then regular scheduled hours, i.e. before 8am).
  • There will be a 100% premium added to these prices for Sundays, holidays or in home service.





  • 50% deposit required before any appointments will be made and must be collected 3 months before wedding date .
  • Cash or credit card will be accepted as a deposit.


Tips and Tricks

The following are haircare tips which we recommend for both the Bride and Groom to help prepare for your special appointment:

  1. Please come to the salon wearing a button down or zip up shirt (t-shirts, sweatshirts and turtlenecks make for a very uncomfortable time AFTER your hair is done).
  2. If at all possible, please wash your hair the day/night before (when hair is freshly washed, it becomes too soft and flyaway). By washing it the night before, the hair will stay much better in the up-do shape. This does not apply for short hair or naturally curly hair that is being styled the day of the wedding.
  3. Please come to the salon with your hair down. Please avoid any tight ponytails or scrunchies. These may set band marks/lines in the hair prior to the up do.
  4. Please be punctual for your services. We have specifically set an allotted amount of time aside to provide you with a comfortable setting on your special day. We recommend arriving 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

For more information on our bridal packages please call or email us at